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Handling and Care of documents

Always handle with utmost care to prevent the destruction of possible evidence. Make notes of everything - the place where found, its appearance, etc. and place in suitable protective cover like display filing pocket asap. Keep a comprehensive record of the path the document travels, to whom it is submitted for examination, when received back and from whom, the tests it has undergone, etc.

  • Handle as little as possible - no matter how carefully it is dealt with, some deterioration (normal wear and tear) takes place every time it is exposed to light and handled.
  • Necessary that document be preserved in original state to retain its value and that the original be handed to the document examiner whenever it is available.
  • No marks whatsoever should be affixed to/onto the document. If attention of expert is to be drawn to a specific part of the document, describe in covering letter or give verbally through to expert so that he can make notes.
  • Folded documents must be opened carefully and stored opened in display filing pockets.