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Types of documents which are questioned with regard to their authenticity

A document is any material on which marks, symbols or tokens, either visible, partly visible or invisible, have been affixed and which by nature contains a meaning or a message. An inquiry regarding a document is a scientific problem and should be taken up in a scientific manner (see Osborn pages 2, 3 and 4 - 6

  • Documents of which the handwriting and/or signatures thereon are questioned.
  • Documents from which the identity of the one or other person is to be established.
  • Documents of which the age and/or the dates thereon are in question.
  • Documents on which alterations and/or additions have been falsely done.
  • Documents which are questioned with regard to the materials used for example the writing instrument(s), paper, ink, the printing process, etc.
  • Scorched, half-burned, or burned documents of which the contents and/or nature have to be established.
  • Blotting-paper, writing pads, type writer ribbons, carbon paper, perforation marks, tear marks of paper, pieces of torn paper (to be pieced together) etc.
  • Documents on which it is suspected that indentations (impressions) are present (that is writing from a previous page or from other documents lying on top of the suspect documents).
  • Documents of which the typewriting contained thereon have to be examined.